Sunday, May 28, 2006

Patwa Haveli,Jaisalmer

these are my latest watercolor landscapes of Rajasthan tour.i just love watercolor.i did this after a long gape.
you can see more of my work on coroflot.
Heres the link


Abhijeet Bambardekar said...

Ahem! ahem! looks whos here...into the bloggin world...

dude most heartiest welcome...
these r very nice landscapes. I really like it
Keep up the good work my friend.
wll call u later

Vikram said...

Hey!!! Saw the watercolour landscapes after such a long time. It reminded me our old "RAHEJA" days. Good work.


kunal kundu said...

Hey Vikrant! good to see u here..... grt water colour...... keep posting.... hope everything's fine at ur work place!

Rupesh Talaskar said...

hey vikrant !
thanks for your comment!!
your work is fantastic too, and i also reminded old "RAHEJA" days.


Unknown said...

wow ths paintings are really awesome u hve grt talent..i too luv water colors..i saw ur work on coroflot..the painting vt huts and trees is grt the color combination n all so soothing...ur works remind me of milind mulick he is a great hope to c u more of ur keep visiting.