Friday, July 07, 2006

From my new pallette

Hi guys,
These are my latest works done in new software called ArtRage02.It is amazing gives really natural brush strokes result.but the sad thing is that i used 30 days trial version of it.if anyone have the full version pls let me know.


Rupesh Talaskar said...

Awesome Digital Art !!

Vikram said...

Ohhoooo!!! Really great man. Very bold patches, they r increasing the beauty of the painting. U really rock.


Unknown said...

Hi vikrant..nice to c ur blog..ur work..ths paintings are really luvly ..i too knew abt artrage but never tried .no one will believe its a digitalart.....but teh paintings r really keep posting ....more paintings.....gud luck.

kunal kundu said...

hey... damn good use of the software...... infact didn't get that it's digital until i read it!

Shyam S. Deshpande said...

Wow !! you are a good painter !
Lovely work..confident strokes !

Thanx for sharing and thanx for posting ur comment on my blog :)
btw u r from which studio?